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Green Bullet is a social content house. With creative producers at the heart of our business, and account management standards and protocols inherited from our mother company, we deliver fantastic social films, content, interviews, event captures, Gifs, Boomerangs and Live Social Streams as one off posts or as part of a social account.

We are fast, flexible and super cost effective so with us you really can have it all. Faster, Better, Cheaper.


Whole Earth: Sophie’s Hike


The National Lottery: Silverstone


Tria Beauty: Move To Smooth


Red Bull: Hill Climb


Red Bull: Misguided Tour


HYT: Challenge Everything


Schwartz: Pure Flavour TVC


Life at Centrica


Whole Earth: #FuelGood


Dyno: Movember


Tech21: The Washer


Sainsbury’s: Little Twists – Olives


Centrica: Grads


Tech21: iPhone 7 Jack’s Back


Tech21: Weightlifting


Walkers: ‘Crispbusters’


Walkers: ‘Crispbusters’


Carlsberg: Sub Your Queues For Views


Yoyo: Speed of You


Simple: Skin Social


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  For even more value we offer flexible monthly, quarterly or annual packages. This can simply include a set number of deliverables, or the addition of content strategy and even full social account management. If you feel your deal senses tingling shoot us a message to find out what package we can craft for you. 

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